Communication alongside educated and continuous decision-making is the foundation upon which successful businesses are built.

Restoration Partners works closely with our entrepreneurial clients to provide strategy, execution and governance to support a successful exit. Our proven methodologies help communication and simplify the resource allocation decisions management must make on a daily basis. These frameworks have been successfully used in technology businesses of all scales, ranging from Open Text (Canada’s largest independent software company with a US$6bn market cap) to pre-revenue start-ups.

Our Methods


The IT Stack to Identifies the Paths to the ‘North-East’.

By using the IT Stack, Restoration Partners can easily visualise and understand the current position in the technology landscape and identify what is required for the business to move to the profitable ‘North-East’.



Define the Destination with the Landing Zone.

The LandingZone is an attainable strategic destination defined by time and value. There are two extreme but compatible routes to the Landing Zone, Plan A (Ambition) and Plan B (Baseline).

Landing zone


Support execution with the Business Driver Diagram.

The Business Driver Diagram visualises business performance against the LandingZone’s Plan B. It allows a business to quickly examine large amounts of data, expose trends and issues efficiently to influence the decisions that will ultimately lead to success.



Monitor with Traps and Triggers.

Monthly Traps and Triggers meetings remove the tedium and rote of regular board meetings. The high level dashboard allows the executive team and Restoration Partners to identify and address potential barriers to achieving Plan B, and triggers to Plan A.




Determine Value using the Four Pillars of Value.

We analyse and establish the value of a company using our proprietary methodology, The Four Pillars of Value: People, Offering, Base and Brand




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