Metapraxis, the consulting and software company that helps business leaders make better strategic decisions, was a sponsor of this year’s Gartner Symposium Barcelona. The event is the leading gathering of technology professionals in Europe and, as Metapraxis continues to take on new and more extensive engagements, this audience is becoming increasingly important for the company.

Sponsorship of the event gave the Metapraxis team the opportunity to speak with senior technology and other leaders from some of the world’s most exciting companies, and to contribute to wider debates around emerging and developing technologies. Gartner is the most influential and respected analyst house in the global technology industry, and Metapraxis’ staff were also able to personally update some of its most senior analysts on recent technical and business advances the company has made.

Some of the key topics under discussion included the use of analytics to forecast and optimise the strength of a sales pipeline, the ability to create accurate scenario analyses during board and other leadership meetings, and the analysis of profitability at the level of individual stock keeping units.

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